If I hold a sore throat, should I eat frozen yogurt/ice cream?


Sorry to hear that you have a sore throat. First of adjectives, it is appropriate to take frozen yogurt or ice cream. In reality, cold liquids or solids can help sooth your throat and provide you next to some comfort in the throat.

There are a lot other option available for sore throat, too. An over-the-counter product called Cepacol Sore Throat Relief can also relieve your throat pain. It contains benzocain which exerts local anesthetic effects on your throat and menthol which provides cooling and soothing effects for your throat. Also, form sure you drink a lot of water.

Do you know what is the possible end in of your sore throat? Do you have any other symptoms besides the sore throat? If it is a cold, symptoms like sore throat usually budge away in a few days without seeking medical attention. However, if you hold sore throat for more than 7 days, you should talk to your doctor.

Hope you feel better!
Drink warm (or hot, but don't burn yourself) honey wet.
Try using 1 teaspoon of honey, permit it melt in your mouth afterwards slowly swallow , Do not drink for approx 1 hr after . This helps coat your throat .
Honey has automatic antibacterial properties .

This is what I have been using for times gone by 3 yrs lol.
manuka has a high content but i'm sure any will facilitate .
also try drinking more water to prevent dehydration .
Tea or theriflu

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