Alternative for an Ace plaster? I think I may have sprained my ankle.I don't own any ace bandages on

I think I may enjoy sprained my ankle.I don't have any ace bandages on mitt for compression and can't leave the house.I need something to substitute that give support and compression like an Ace bandage.It requests to be something I probably already have around the house,and,I need it hurried.
Answers:    Tight socks will work. If necessary cut past its sell-by date the toe section... there's your bandage! Double up on it for extra support.
Any stretchy garments would work such as Spandex pants or even panty hose if you are a girl. Well, panty hose would still help if you're a guy but I'd hold to wonder about you, LOL!
If you or your mother have an hoary pair of panty hose around. Cut off the leg at the top from the panty down following the front and stern seam. Cut off the elastic at the top and cut the panty division down but not into the hose part. Cut the toe off, Now start wrapping your ankle near the leg starting at the foot with the cut off toe section. Wrap up to the part where the slit panty is Take the 2 parts and wrap them around in front of ways and tie them off.

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