My age is 27 yrs is vigorite 50 mg useful to increase my sexual drive?


why dont you try Arogyam Pure Herbs tackle For Sexual Weakness.
Its indian medicines herbal & my boyfrd got it from ayurvedahimachal.
Its really influential.

Hey try this one, you will be happy
Almost definitely a total fake.
please don't transport this type of medicine untill the doctor doesn't prescribe you it causes constipation
dont plsssss
How can u loose your energy at this young age?
Vigorite tablets are not recommended for youngsters.
It is for those who enjoy naturally lost their vitality after 40 years and above, that too if they consistency necessary, after a thorough check up with an Urologist.
In my travel case, I am 63 now, but I was have normal sex drive till I am 58.
This is due to diabetes. But I am taking Homeopathic treatment and becoming normal again.
"Vigorite" is the name of an explosive containing nitroglycerin. Note that the name contains the noun "vigor". Some "entrepreneur" co-opted the mark for an herbal concoction that they claim increases male sex drive. It is strictly a marketing ploy to make money. It will do zilch for your sex drive. It does no more than any of the other fake pills on the market. If you touch that your sex drive is not normal for someone that is 27, you should consult a urologist. One of the test the doctor may want to do is a blood test for testosterone level.

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